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Jesper was educated as meteorologist in Copenhagen in 1978 and worked in the airport of Copenhagen. In addition here he trained pilots in the field of meteorology.


In 1990 he became TV meteorologist at Danish national TV and in recent years also as chief meteorologist and climate expert.


He covers all the climate science for his TV station including IPCC and COP-meetings


Member of CBN-E from the foundation in 2006. CBN-E is Climate Broadcasters Network, Europe and was founded by the climate commissioner Stavros Dimas in order to give broadcastere in Europe the newest knowledge about the climate change.

He became a member of the core group in CBN-E, where htey made the decisions about speakers and agenda for the meetings.

Unfortunately Connie Hedegaard laid the network down, but the group has become so strong, so many still are in contact with each other and meet in different occations


Jesper is a recognized speaker about weather and climate – both in Denmark and abroad. He makes several speeches each year. His dedication to communicate the science of climate change in a public and understandable manner is well-known.


Jesper has written and published more than 30 books about weather and climate. His great book about the Danish weather gave him the greatest prize in Denmark for that type of books.

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