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Welcome to the website for the International Association of Broadcast Meteorology.


We represent the whole community that broadcasts the weather to the public and help our audiences understand the science.


In particular against a background of increasing changes to our climate and the risks that it will bring to our viewers and listeners. 

UP FRONT Summer 2018 Front Page REDUCED.

The Annual General Meeting of the International Association of Broadcast Meteorology was held on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 4th 2018 at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.


At the meeting Jay Trobec was elected as the new Chairman


Joint International Climate Communiqué by National Meteorological Societies and Associates

A global community of 43 national meteorological societies and organisations working on climate and sustainability have released a Joint International Climate Communiqué on World Meteorological Day 2021 (23 March). Together they reiterate the critical importance of addressing climate change.

The Communiqué acknowledges the overwhelming scientific evidence that the world continues to warm and extreme weather events and climate-related disasters are now more likely to occur, largely due to emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities.

The full Joint International Climate Communiqué can be downloaded here

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Please note that John Teather has had to stand-down as Honorary Secretary and UP FRONT Editor. Until a replacement can be appointed, please contact Jay Trobec at

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